Planned: LSESU Amnesty International Anti-Mass Surveillance Campaign

Momentum is finally gathering toward the student run Amnesty Anti-Mass Surveillance campaign at LSE.

The concept is based on the Amnesty International campaign with the same intentions. The aim of the movement is to inform students and encourage discussion about the rights of governments to access personal digitalised information. We also aim to equip students on how to ‘clean’ their devices periodically, to prevent over tracking of information. We have several renown speakers lined up for the campaign week. These, I will inform you all about closer to the date.

Watch this space!



Forbes Advice: Card declined on an Overseas Trip


In order to use your credit card abroad, you’ll need to contact your card provider. Sometimes, your card is declined if you do not inform them that you are planning to use it. This is a preventative measure to the credit card holder against unauthorised use or credit card detail fraud.

Forbes Marc Tobias highlights that many of the issues which come up when using your credit card abroad, can be avoided, or its negative consequences protected against, by taking advantage of a few services which can provide emergency support and assistance when you need it. Although the article is almost 2 years old, it is still relevant.

So I have decided to repost it.

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