Data scientist Cathy O’Neil on the cold destructiveness of big data: An Interview

Data scientist Cathy O’Neil comments on how algorithms — “under the guise of math, fairness, and objectivity — reinforce and magnify the old biases and power dynamics that we hoped they would eliminate.”

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Eurobites: EC Doubles Down on Data Privacy

Network providers and digital must be responsive to new legislation from the European Comission. It outlines the necessity of data sharing for government service use, clarity with it’s customers and consistency of service. Despite these aims being high on the agenda for years, Lightreading sees a refocus of data protection and management in the latest discussions.


“The European Commission is proposing new rules that will effectively extend existing restrictions on the use of customer data so that they apply to OTT services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Gmail, iMessage…

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