Do you decry global injustice? I do.

My name is Saffron Green and I am a 2nd year Sociology student currently attending the LSE. My intention is to comment on Law related issues which I find of interest to me. These include issues on but are not exclusive to; Technology, Finance and Infrastructural Exclusion.

The title and theme to this Blog is inspired by the concept of the ‘Panopticon’ by Jeremy Bentham and the theoretical exploration of its structure by Micheal Foucault. The Panopticon is a structure which was idealised to enable the dual monitoring and regulation people in a setting. Foucault recognised the literal structure of Illinois State Penitentiary as fitting the description of the Panopticon.

Below is the dictionary definition of Panoptic:

Panoptic: Adjective

1.permitting the viewing of all parts or elements:
2. considering all parts or elements; all inclusive:

1820-30; < Greek panópt (ēs) all-seeing + -ic. See pan-, optic

Source: Dictionary.com (2015)

My writing explores the nature of Law and how it applicable and how it can be used to inform  and help individuals on a day to day basis. In my opinion, an event can never be successfully examined and addressed as an isolated issue; there are always wider implications and causal factors.

Reading Sociology at LSE has allowed me to explore many topics, so in many ways can be viewed as an interdisciplinary subject. As such my aspirations to study Law is not limited to an understanding of UK Law, but to understand and learn Law as situated within an global framework and context.


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