Why Panoptic Law?

The intention of this blog is to comment on cyber crimes and events. These include issues on but are not exclusive to Technology, Finance and Infrastructural Exclusion.

The theme to this Blog is inspired by the concept of the literal structure of the Panopticon by Jeremy Bentham, and Micheal Foucault theoretical exploration of panoptic surveillance, particularly its social implementation and implications.

The Panopticon is a structure which was idealised to enable the dual monitoring and regulation people in a prison setting. Foucault recognised the literal structure of Illinois State Penitentiary as also present in modern surveillance systems as a social control mechanism. The civil freedoms of individuals through the advancement of technology systems I aim to explore to be oppressive to some particular groups of people. Many systems now utilise technological terms and principals of ‘networking’ and ‘sharing information’ to build a ‘profile’.

This blog provides bite size knowledge in a format I hope will enable people to equip and protect themselves from cyber security threats.


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